Weight Loss

 If you have been trying to lose weight, Floating Lotus has many ways to help you look and feel better than ever!


Using specific combinations of acupuncture points around the body, acupuncture has the ability to speed up weight loss by curbing cravings, reducing bloating, and encouraging the body to eliminate waste in a completely natural way.


This ancient technique increases circulation, helps the body promote toxin removal, reduces fluid retention and promotes metabolic hormonal balance.

Herbal & Nutritional Consultation

Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to help lose weight by suppressing appetite, increasing metabolism and burning fat.

During your sauna session, as sweat production increases and your body temperature begins to rise, your blood vessels dilate and your heart works harder to pump blood around your body, increasing blood flow and boosting circulation – similar to the benefits of continuous exercise.

What Our Clients Say

You can just tell Joel sincerely cares about each individual treated and strives to create a relaxing space.
Maddie M.