Stress, Anxiety
& Depression

Living and working in NYC has always been stressful. These days you may be feeling more anxious and stressed than ever before. All of the treatments at Floating Lotus are designed to calm your nervous system, reduce anxiety and make you feel empowered.

Sensory deprivation (no light/no sound) makes your brain reboot, while floating in zero gravity allows your nervous system to to calm down

Start floating immediately and your body rests on our custom built float table

The ancient science of acupuncture addresses and unites the body and mind in tandem. This modality brings your body back to a state of balance by promoting your natural flow of energetics.

We believe in chinese medicine that things like heat and toxins trapped in the body can also effect the mind and one’s overall wellbeing. When we place cups around the body, gently pulling out stagnant toxins and inflammatory heat, we are reaffirming the mind body connection.

Chinese herbs and proper nutrition are crucial to a balanced, peaceful mindset. You are what you eat, and you are your emotions! Herbs have been used for thousands of years to enhance serotonin, dopamine, and other crucial neurotransmitters for emotional health.

Massage decreases depression and anxiety levels and improves sleep quality by triggering the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can help you feel calm.

What Our Clients Say

You can just tell Joel sincerely cares about each individual treated and strives to create a relaxing space.
Maddie M.