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Mix & Match

Select any three 30-minute of the following holistic healing options: dry floatation therapy, infrared sauna, Himalayan salt cave, or wet floatation therapy. Try out our brand new zero-gravity dry floatation therapy, relax in our infrared sauna, enjoy the healing air in our salt cave, or opt for our signature wet floatation – the choice is yours.

February Special

Free 30 minute float with every Atrium massage… ONLY $99! Come alone or purchase two and treat someone you love. Choose from wet or dry float. Purchase today / Schedule whenever!

Acupuncture 4-Pack of single Sessions

Price: $440

Acupuncture stimulates the body’s life force or qi, which flows through specific pathways in your body. Physical or emotional trauma, nutrition, stress, and environmental factors all have an impact on your qi’s balance – by stimulating acupuncture points, the flow of qi can be changed, blockages dissolved, and optimal health restored.