Thai Massage


Thai massage has its own unique characteristics. Thai massage techniques include acupressure and yoga ­inspired stretching. Techniques include walking upon the back, with compressing, circulating and cracking . It is very beneficial to those who are stiff, and tired from overexertion in work and sports. Thai massage literally assists in promoting strength and flexibility, relaxing sore or tense muscles. It is also a great way to eliminate stress from both body and mind.

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Traditional Thai massage is a unique, powerful, life supportive system of body therapy that is used to maintain wellness and to treat and assist in the reversal of degenerative conditions. It includes a series of poses, stretches, acupressure and energy lines.


• Inducing hypnotic or altered states of consciousness.
• Releases points of tension in the body which block the natural flow or energy, inducing homeostasis, balance and harmony.
• Release stress and increases energy
• Increases flexibility and range of motion.
• Assist alignment of postural integrity of the body.
• Improves blood circulation
• Strengthens the internal organs
• Relives pain (physical, mental)
• Improves neurological functioning & assist in relieving degenerative conditions associated with the aging process.
• Promotes inner peace and a quiet mind


Nathalie is a holistic healer, kinesiologist & Thai Massage practitioner and teacher who studied and polished her healing hands while living in Thailand for 2 years. Her passion is centered around body movement therapy (deep relaxation stretching), unclogging blocked energy channels that assist in overall well-being (accupressure, reflexology) and more. Releasing, stiffness and stagnancy in the body create space for new energy, ideas and manifestations to flow freely. My sessions entail, aroma therapy, breath work, meditation and authentic body movement therapy based around a mental, physical and spiritual cultivation.