Muscle & Joint Pain

Every treatment we offer at Floating Lotus is designed to nourish your muscles and relieve your joints. Don’t just “live with the pain” from injuries and joint inflammation!

In zero gravity, all of your muscles relax, your vertebrae align, and your joints reset. Our full body epsom salt baths bring healing to every inch of your body.

Don’t want to get wet? Our dry floatation treatment is just for you! Same zero gravity as a wet float, a simple and easy way to dramatically reduce pain all over.

Treat yourself to our therapeutic Atrium Massage! Relax under the sky as all of your muscles melt away. Combine with a Sauna afterwards for even deeper healing.

Glass cups are placed around the body, gently pulling out stagnant toxins and inflammatory heat.  After this treatment, muscles will relax and slacken, promoting healing and reducing pain.

We can promote proper flow of qi, blood, and fluids to sore and injured muscles and joints through acupuncture. This treatment method alleviates pain and promotes healthy tissue production without the reliance of steroid injections or western  medications.

Our infrared sauna relieves sore muscles (especially after an intense workout). It can also help to alleviate arthritis, asthma, and overall body fatigue.

Salt vapors in the air can improve your respiratory tracts. If there is waste in the respiratory system, the oxygen will be delivered at a much slower rate, affecting the efficiency of your workout. Mucus is known to clog nasal passages and sinuses which can affect your ability to breathe clearly. The more clogged those passages are, the more difficult it will be to supply oxygen to the muscles slowing down the recovery process. This is where salt therapy can help!

What Our Clients Say

You can just tell Joel sincerely cares about each individual treated and strives to create a relaxing space.
Maddie M.