Mother's Day Special

After your massage you will have your choice of: wet floatation, dry floatation, infrared sauna, or Himalayan salt cave. 

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Virtual Reality

Price: $150

Floating Lotus is now offering NYC’s exclusive floatation and virtual reality combination that provides a transformative experience only available to astronauts until now. The floatation chamber creates a feeling of weightlessness, while the immersive video footage in Space VR’s headset will place you into Earth’s orbit, looking down at our planet from outer space.

First Time Acupuncture

Price: $150

Acupuncture stimulates the body’s life force or qi, which flows through specific pathways in your body. Physical or emotional trauma, nutrition, stress, and environmental factors all have an impact on your qi’s balance – by stimulating acupuncture points, the flow of qi can be changed, blockages dissolved, and optimal health restored.

Ancient Fire Cupping

Price: $80

Cupping is a traditional, non-invasive treatment that enhances lymphatic flow, promotes blood circulation, and opens up blocked pathways that often trigger inflammatory responses within the body.

Discounted Gift Cards

The gift cards are up to 20% off!
  • $150 gift card only $135
  • $250 gift card only $212
  • $400 gift card only $320