Just got the COVID vaccination? Pharmaceuticals and other toxins need to be flushed out of our bodies and Floating Lotus has a number of treatments to help!

Elimination of toxins and waste caused by intense sweating increases overall health and resistance to disease.

Scientific studies have proven that acupuncture treatments can reduce toxicity and clear the body of harmful substances.

 Glass cups are placed around the body, gently pulling out stagnant toxins and inflammatory heat.

Salt caves have been shown to have antiviral and anti-fungal properties as well as reducing inflammation and mucus production, making it easier to breathe. It can also improve skin impurities such as eczema and acne.

manual manipulation of muscles allows for our tissues to be reinvigorated and restore proper function throughout the body. It also allowed the proper flow of our lymphatic system, giving you the ability to drain out any lingering toxins.

What My Clients Say About Me

You can just tell Joel sincerely cares about each individual treated and strives to create a relaxing space.
Maddie M.