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    Nixa De Bellis

    Wednesdays, 12:30pm

    Total Yoga Flow + Hold

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    A strong physical practice that will always include breathing techniques and philosophical/spiritual contemplations. A COMPLETE YOGA hour for your mind and mood, your body and nervous system and your pranic life force. More than just fitness yoga. Total yoga.

    About Nixa De Bellis
    Nixa De Bellis has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years and teaching yoga since circa 2000.
    In the wide tradition of Yoga is a method steeped in science, art, philosophy and the alchemy of self.
    She offers yoga posture and breathing practices for healing on a daily basis, and as a means for self-reflection, self-understanding and betterment.
    Around the Wheel of the Year and for phasic lunar and solar situations, she creates Yoga Rituals to keep the Holy alive and well fed and for steeping in deeply Alert, Alive, Awake-ness!
    Pay attention. Stop Complaining. Keep going.
    Here's how.

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    Payal Parekh

    Mondays 12:30pm | Tuesdays 6:00pm, | Sundays 5:00pm

    Floating Above: Mindfulness and Meditation | Flow, Revive + Restore | Restorative

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    Floating Above: Mindfulness and Meditation:
    As a collective, we search for experiences that leave us feeling loved, uplifted, inspired, connected, and confident. Meditation has given us ways to feel these things deeper, longer, and more often. Not only that, yet we can use the tools of meditation to transform stored pain, stressful situation, and heal our past experiences leaving us more prepared for future endeavors. This class will supply you with the tools and understanding of both mindfulness and meditation. We will begin class with breath awareness, a restorative posture and light yoga to open up the body and rid tension before moving into a guided meditation. Beginners welcome.
    45 min

    Flow, Revive + Restore:
    The perfect combination of movement and rest, this practice is designed to move you towards a place of stillness. The first half of this creative, flowing, and alignment based practice links conscious breath with mindful movement. This preps us beautifully for the second half of class­ of a series of yin and restorative yoga poses, breathing and meditation practices, aromatherapy, thai massage and Reiki­ based hands on assists to bring your body and mind to a state of relaxation and rest
    60 min

    Find stillness and greater depth through longer poses, slower sequences and an attention to the breath. Aromatherapy and Reiki­ based hands on assists will help bring your body and mind to a state of relaxation and rest. A great way to wind down your week and welcome the weekend.

    About Payal Parekh:
    Payal Parekh is a 500-hour nationally certified vinyasa based yoga teacher. Her trainings include 200 hours from Exhale New York in 2014 (under guidance of Nixa De Bellis, Stefanie Eris and Isaac Pena) and 300 hours from Urban Zen Integrative Therapy training at Yoga Shanti, New York City. She concluded a 100-hour Adaptive Yoga teacher training (designed to adapt yoga practice for various health conditions including illness, injury and chronic stress) with Jillian Pransky at Yoga Works and 20 hours of Yoga Tune Up Integrated Embodied Anatomy. Her meditation trainings include The Power of Awareness Mindfulness Training with Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield(The Awareness Training Institute in association with The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley). She is also a first-degree practitioner of Reiki initiated by Pamela Miles.

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    Cindy Moss

    Tuesdays, 12:30pm | Thursday 12:30pm

    Burn + Transcend

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    There are three essential ingredients in the practice of yoga:
    tapas, discipline, svādhyāya, self-study, and īśvara-praṇidhāna, surrender to the Divine/ Universe . The first- Tapas - to burn - as you move (vinyasa) and then hold postures (asana) stoking the fire within allowing yourself to rid that which does not serve. The second element is svādhyāya, self-study, a form of deep introspection which you will explore as you connect your focus to the breath and allow it to guid you into alignment. The third element
    īśvara-praṇidhāna, a surrender to the Divine/ Universe or offering up of one's efforts to the Supreme Soul - here you will reap the benefits of your practice by ending class with several restorative postures preparing to let go of work.
    About Cindy Moss:
    Bringing relevant real life experiences infused with humor and yoga philosophy Cindy shares tools to help bring your attention to the place in your practice where you can recognize perceived weaknesses as strengths, and surrender what holds you back, through Svadhyaya (self-awareness). Cindy empowers her students to achieve a greater sense of mastery and an understanding of their respective anatomy by sharing the importance of breath work with the hopes that each individual can find the “Sthira and Sukham” focus and ease (stability and comfort) the Sutras define as a requirement in each posture in ones own individual practice.

    Cindy has spent most of her life trying to heal from childhood and adult trauma. Guided through the western psychoanalytic lens she recognizes how the union of both eastern and western philosophies meld together allowing her to approach her sharing of this practice from both platforms. Cindy resides in NYC with her husband, teenage daughter, and dog....Rome, Italy being her second home...

    Cindy has been teaching ISHTA classes for more than 6 years now. Her continuing education consists of restorative and post trauma Yoga trainings. She is presently continuing her studies with Leslie Kaminoff.

    Cindy resides in NYC... Rome, Italy being her second home…

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    Flor Marques

    Sunday 12:00 | Tuesday 7:00pm


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    This Class is a combination of gentle yoga and ancient traditional Chinese medicine exercises.

    Flor has a 20 year background as a holistic doctor practicing and teaching Macrobiotic philosophy and lifestyle, yoga, breathing techniques, healing energy exercises, meditation, and Qi-Gong. She also incorporates EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in the Rejuvenate class.

    This class is Ideal for students who want to feel uplifted, focused, clear minded, stress-free and of course, rejuvenated!

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    Cordelia Orbach

    Thursday 6:15 pm

    Vinyasa Open Flow

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    Cordelia Orbach initially came to yoga for the movement and exercise, however, she stayed for the stillness. She loves creating dynamic and artful sequences that allow students to work every part of their bodies and minds. Through thoughtful alignment and breath, Cordelia’s practice has healed injuries from her time as a gymnast and dancer and allowed her to share this with others. This took time and patience but she honestly believes it was the best gift she has ever received. Yoga has not only given her a stronger body, it has made her a stronger, more grounded person.

    It is her goal in each class to inspire students to connect their physical and spiritual practice with their everyday lives so that they can practice yoga beyond the mat. She believes yoga is both joyful and challenging and feels passionate about inspiring students discover their strength both internal and external.

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Special Events


    Unravel Your Body - A Workshop

    Saturday, Novemeber 10th 2:00-4:00pm

    Mindy Bacharach

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    My yoga classes weave the historic traditions of yoga with a current relevance. I teach publicly and privately in NYC, educate and consult on the Ayurvedic method of health and wellness, mentor new yoga teachers, lead retreats, and teach seriously playful workshops.

    My Yoga, both on and off the mat, is a life-long practice.

    A student of yoga since 1995, I continue to broaden my studies with nationally recognized teachers, the extremely talented instructors around NYC, renowned philosophy scholars, as well as extensive exploration in Ayurveda, Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Breathing.

    I live in NYC and am grateful for the lessons and inspirations this city gives me every day.
    Unravel some of the mystery of yoga poses. Join us, knowing that more knowledge does not destroy the mystery..…But often reveals more beauty and wonder.

    Take time to be in your body. Move fluidly, open profoundly and connect deeply.

    You will be guided you through both the traditional and modern methods to creatively and optimally prepare your body and open.

    We will take time to systematically work technique and alignment.

    Learn tips and tricks to safely progress into deeper forms of your practice.

    Rediscover and renew.

    This is a full-spectrum practice – exploring; a flowing sequence, standing poses, inversions, arm balances, hip openers, and backbends.

    Open to all levels. Ideal for people looking to deepen their understanding of an existing practice.

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