About Us

We're Here to
help you heal

Our goal is to bring balance to our client’s lives and release the natural healing energy of the body through treatments tailored to the individual. The practitioners at Floating Lotus are trained in Eastern Medicine and consider every aspect of your emotional, spiritual, social and physical well being. We combine ancient methods with modern tools to bring a natural, drug free approach to wellness and will work with you to improve your overall health, boost performance and enhance appearance.

Our Story

The doors of Floating Lotus first opened in December of 2015, but the journey to creating a space of healing and transformation began much earlier. Joel Granik, founder of Floating Lotus, had found professional success in multiple industries by his mid thirties, but felt that something was missing. An exploration of meditation, eastern thought and psychedelic therapy eventually led him to diving head first into an education in Traditional Chinese Medicine. A driving philosophy of eastern medicine is that we are all a set of carefully balanced forces or energies. When they fall out of harmony, we experience disease, fatigue, anxiety, depression, pain and other sufferings. Joel decided to devote himself to helping others find equilibrium and thus found the missing piece to making his own life whole. He has spent the last 10+ years mastering techniques to aid his patients in rooting out imbalance, stagnation and disease so that they can lead inspired and healthy lives. 

Our Values

Floating Lotus is committed to serving anyone who seeks our treatments and creating a space of openness and belonging. We believe in inclusion and equality for all races, gender identities and sexual orientations and advocate for universal access to healthcare. If our clients face financial limitations, we are willing to work with them on creating individualized payment plans.

What Our Clients Say

You can just tell Joel sincerely cares about each individual treated and strives to create a relaxing space.
Maddie M.

Our Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy 

At Floating Lotus we take time to prepare for your appointment and are committed to providing you with excellent service. We require a 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Less than 24 hours notice will result in a $50 cancellation fee.


Services Refund Policy 

All sales for services are final. We unfortunately cannot offer refunds to any used or unused service, packages or series. 


Online Return Policy

All online purchases of services are final. We do not offer refunds for any online purchases.


Pre-paid services

Pre-paid services are maintained in your account for 1 year and can be scheduled at any time until then.