Yoga Under The Sky

Come for a float or a treatment and stay for one of our many yoga, meditation and wellness workshops. Our skylit, rooftop studio has been dubbed - "One of NYC's most blissful places to practice..."


Float Away Your Pain and Stress

Invented 45 years ago... Perfected at Floating Lotus. Floatation Therapy heals your body and cleans your mind. Let your body effortlessly float in a pool of epsom salt water and let your mind find peace and tranquility


Holistic Laser Hair Removal

Pain free and permanent hair reduction from head to toe. Unlike traditional laser treatments, we created the AcuLaser approach to leave you feeling totally renewed and energized. Only available at Floating Lotus.


Acupuncture Facials: Beauty from the Inside Out

Remove wrinkles, puffiness, age spots and more through our painless, non-surgical, acupuncture facial rejuvenation treatment. Stimulates the body's natural anti-aging powers and improves skin texture.


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Who We Are

Floating Lotus is a relaxation station in the center of New York City where you can begin the exciting journey towards discovering your own wholeness. We are a group of inspired and creative people with powerful tools — always learning and experimenting with new ideas and new techniques.

We offer a variety of treatments and classes to help you achieve the best you can be — acupuncture, massage, yoga, laser hair removal, floatation therapy, infrared sauna, facials, led light therapy, peels, reiki, and more.

More About Us

Healing Through Flotation

The sensation is liken to floating in outer space. There is no gravity. Just be with yourself here and now.

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